Joint meetings in the second semester

Twice a year, the EWC meets with representatives of the countries members of the European Committee in order to discuss directly with them group and local issues.

Find here the minutes of these meetings.

Italy articulation meeting in Florence

On 5 September 2019, Hedi ben Sedrine, Secretary of the EWC and Patricia Nunez, Deputy Secretary, met with Italian representatives in Florence for the biannual articulation meeting.

Download the minutes of the meeting

Portugal and Spain articulation meeting in Valencia, Ireland in Dublin, United Kingdom in London and Belgium in Antwerp

Download the minutes of the meetings

On 2 October, Hedi and Patricia travelled  to Valencia for the 2nd semester joint meeting with Spain and Portugal.

on 7 October in Dublin for the Ireland articulation meeting

on October 8 in London for the United Kingdom

and 11 October in Antwerp for Belgium

German articulation meeting in Cologne and CEEC

On October 17, it was in Cologne that Hedi and Patricia came to the articulation meeting

Download the minute of the meeting

Before, on 22 October, attending the CEEC articulation meeting in Pragues