Plenary meeting on November 22 in Paris

On 22 November 2018, the end of year plenary meeting of the AXA group's EWC was held in Paris.

This meeting was preceded by the first training of all the members of the EWC of this  term. The speakers at this training, Olivier Vanbellingen, Cécile Wendling, ASTREES and Eurofounds, allowed the participants to better understand the spirit of a European Works Council, as well as developments related to agility and foresight in companies of the insurance perimeter.

After the 6 months of the EWC presented by Hedi ben Sedrine, a now usual not-to-be-missed event of the plenary meetings, Thomas Buberl, CEO of the group, presented the news of the group and the strategic axes, before moving to the traditional Q&A session. Julie Scott and Karima Silvent then spoke respectively about the simplification of the group and the HR strategy.

Download the synthesis of the meeting