Bureau meeting on September 25 in Paris

Hedi ben Sédrine, secretary of the AXA Group's European Works Council, opened this September session by thanking Mario Proietto, representative of Italy, and Serge Morelli, head of the group social relations, who attend their last EWC bureau meeting.

The first presentation, by Estelle Hascoët (Emerging Risk Analyst) focused on emerging risks. An emerging risk is a new or evolving risk that could have an impact over 5 or 10 years. The objective here is to anticipate in order to be able to manage these risks, either to create new opportunities or to protect AXA from them.

This topic is of great interest to representatives, who raise that these studies are an opportunity for the group to influence governments and customers, particularly in all matters regarding the environment.

The second presentation, by Justine Riblet (AXA Research Fund Communications Officer) and Juliette Prieur (AXA Research Fund Selection and Institutional Relations Officer), focused on AXA's support for scientific research, through the AXA Fund for Research.

This fund aims to support researchers in various fields (environment, health, new technologies) without seeking a return on investment. This support is purely philanthropic.