Bureau meeting on October 16 in Paris

The AXA Group European Works Council welcomes for the first time Jean-Christophe Sciberras, the new AXA Group's head of social relation.

The first presentation, by Matthieu André (Director Europe Strategy and Development and Deputy Director General European Markets) is an update on the European markets. The European market represents a very important part of AXA's results, and growth objectives remain strong. One of Europe's important objectives is to share good practices.

The second presentation does not focus on AXA but on the economic ans political trends in Europe. Regarding the political situation, the anti-European remains a minority and the attachment to Europe becomes stronger when political divisions become a threat to Europe. On the economic side, the future may be a little less optimistic and European regulatory mechanisms must play their role.

During this session, Patricia Nunez, French representative on the Bureau of the EWC, was appointed Deputy Secretary, replacing Bettina Cramm. She leaves her position as treasurer to Andrea Wolf, German representative.

In addition, as part of the non-European commission, AXA colleagues from Switzerland, Japan and Mexico will attend the November plenary session.