Bureau meeting on May 15 in Paris

On May 15, 2019, the AXA European Works Council Bureau mets in Paris, with the first participation of Hélène Danesi, UNI expert.

Didier Weckner, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Healthcare & Collective at AXA France and Axa Life and Health International Solutions (ALHIS), presented these activities, which generate for the group a very important turnover and which is growing rapidly.

Arnaud Tanguy, head of security group, and Aurélien Lambert, head of security and safety of employees, then detailed the duty of protection of the employer and its legal responsibility face to threats.

Before the end of the session, the secretary of the EWC, Hedi ben Sedrine, presented the topics treated the day before in secretarial meeting to the management: Expert UNI, election in June of a Bureau member, EWC operations, ...