AXA EWC and AXA XL reps in UK meeting

On July 15, 2019, at the initiative of his secretary, AXA EWC met AXA XL representatives in the United Kingdom, accompanied by Steve Blease and Seve O'Donnell, representing the UNITE union.This meeting was in line with the one having gathered AXA XL representatives in Europe in March 2019, during which a first exchange concerning the assistance that a workers' union can provide to representatives took place.

Unlike most AXA entities, AXA XL UK's representatives are elected on a case-by-case basis, depending on the need of the company in terms of negociation. The AXA EWC, as guarantor of the quality of the social dialogue within the group, wished to present the advantages of the support of a trade union organization to representatives.

For the management of the entity also the advantage of having permanent representatives, pledge of professionalism in the negotiations, appears obvious.

The European Work Coucil is once again playing its role in coordinating and improving social dialogue in Europe at AXA and will continue to follow the subject closely, particularly during the forthcoming negotiations at AXA XL in the UK.