The EWC at the European Commission meeting on October 5th

commission 1The European Works Council of the AXA Group participated  in the meeting of the "Sectoral Social dialogue Committee for Insurance" October 5th in Brussels in the presence of the European employers' and workers organizations initiated by the European Commission.

Digitalisation was the object of a communication Daniel Vaulot as UNI expert and Olivier Pelras as Secrétaire of the EWC. The presentation see document enclosed) allowed to fix the stakes in digitalisation. The actions led by the EWC in joint with the elected representatives on the national level were evoked as well as the actions led by AXA to anticipate the changes

Digitalisation, evoked for the first time in this authority, aroused a big interest. This question could be the object of a common statement. The subject, already, will appear in the agenda of the next Social dialog meeting.

Download presentation  "Dialogue sectoriel européen"