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Meeting of AXA Assistance Network 19 & 20 October 2017 in Paris

On 19 and 20 October, the AXA Assistance network from EWC , was held in Châtillon near Paris, where the head office is located.
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04.11.2017, 19:57

Preparation of the plenary meeting for the German representatives on May 23 in Cologne

Olivier Pelras and Hedi Ben Sedrine this time moved to Cologne to prepare with the German delegation of EWC the plenary meeting that will take place in June in Warsaw
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23.05.2017, 13:46

Meeting in Bruxelles on May 11 with the EWC representatives for BELUX

And the turn of the European entities continues with a step by Brussels where the employees representatives of Belux held their meeting on May 11, coordinated by Olivier Pelras and Hedi Ben Sedrine. The Belgian and Luxembourg representatives were able to share the level of social dialogue existing in each of their respective entities and to start preparing the questions they could ask the President during the June plenary
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12.05.2017, 12:01

Meeting in Madrid on May 9

New trip for the Secretary of the EWC, Olivier Pelras and for his deputy Hedi Ben Sedrine, for a  the meeting with Spanish employees representatives. They discussed local topics and noted the good level of social dialogue with the management represented by Jean Paul Rignault. It was also an opportunity to prepare questions for the June plenary in Warsaw

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10.05.2017, 0:39


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