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Joint meeting in London october 2018

British representatives welcomed the EWC AXA delegation in London, as part of its European Joint Meetings Tour, to discuss the hot topic of Brexit in addition to other hot topics at the EWC.

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10.12.2018, 17:05

Joint meeting in Milano October 2018

On October 16, 2018, in Italy, the delegation of the EWC AXA bureau traveled to meet the Italian delegates. The meeting took place in Milano and allowed to discuss with the Italian representatives the current topics of the EWC as well as the local subjects.

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10.12.2018, 16:24

Joint meeting in Brussels October 2018

October 15, 2018, a delegation of the  AXA EWC Bureau has moved to meet Belgian and Luxembourg employees representatives in AXA's premises in Brussels as part of the European tour of EWC.

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06.11.2018, 11:17

AXA Assistance network annual meeting

On October 25 and 26 we celebrated the annual meeting of the AXA Partners Holding Network (before AXA Assistance). Delegates from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain attended, in addition to 3 members of the AXA EWC, including the General Secretary and the Head of the AXA Partners Work Commission, as well as several DRHs of the different entities AXA Partners.

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05.11.2018, 19:36


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