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2nd meeting of the European project FISAC-CGIL in London

Hedi Ben Sedrine , Deputy Secretary of AXA EWC , attended the 2nd meeting of the European project FISAC-CGIL held in London on 16 and 17 March in UNITE offices. The subject is as follows  :European Works Councils and European companies in the Finance industry : How to foster the employees participation and the anticipation of change ?
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16.03.2017, 21:32

Social Dialogue : 1st Step in Warsaw

A delegation from the AXA EWC traveled to Warsaw on 14 February to meet Polish  representatives and discuss about social dialogue at Axa

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22.02.2017, 9:45

UNI Press Release

AXA Group’s Trade Union Alliance UNI Europa Finance, which brings together a majority of the Group’s Trade Unions, is denouncing attacks on the social rights of AXA Group workers.
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08.02.2017, 16:33


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